November 3, 2015

Dunnam Wireline Services Inc.

We would like to welcome Dunnam Wireline Services, Inc. to our network of Separation Enhancer Distributors. Based out of West Texas, Dunnam Wireline will offer Eco1st products and services to the surrounding community of oil and gas producers and disposal sites.

Dunnam Wireline Services has been operating in the oil and gas business since 1989. Their staff is well versed in oil and gas servicing, as well as they understand the importance of site improvement and equipment advancements.

We intend on working with them to improve site efficiencies for all associated businesses during these challenging times in the industry.

If you or your company is located and operating in West Texas, we encourage you to contact Dunnam Wireline for your Eco1st equipment needs.

Dunnam Wireline Services, Inc.
3766 Hi-Vu Drive Abilene, TX, 79608
Ph. (866) 841-9369
July 27, 2015

Eco1st’s Welcomes Rodco

It is our pleasure to announce our newest distributor Rodco Systems Inc.

We are pleased to be partnering with like minded distributors such as Rodco, as we continue our efforts to develop our community of valued distributors and customers globally.

Rodco has 40 plus year industry experience in the oil and gas industry and has developed a reputation for responsible and ethical business practices. Rodco endeavored to carry the torch, as the demand increases for effective, next generation, environmentally safe technologies, such as the Separation Enhancer.

We welcome you to contact Rodco, if you or your company has interest in the benefits of the Separation Enhancer in the greater Colorado region or neighboring states.

Rodco Systems Inc.
6355 Ward Road Unit 200
Arvada, CO 80004

Phone: (303) 421-6997

March 16, 2015

Steve Lopes Presentation in Calgary Canada

Steve Lopes Eco1st CEO and Inventor, will be delivering a presentation to many of the oil industries key players at The Calgary Westin, Tuesday March 17, 2015. Hosted by Intercept/640 Energy.

Steve’s message will be structured around the fundamentals of the Separation Enhancer technology and the ability the system has to improve production and quality standards throughout the industry. Through years of research and development, Steve Lopes has had enumerable experiences taking on colossal challenges and enabling massive improvements to many failing or struggling businesses. His enthusiasm and clever approach to fluid mediation, will certainly captivate the interest of those in attendance.

Limited tickets are still available, contact the Calgary Westin for more information.
Phone: (403) 266-1611

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October 23, 2014

Company News

Technology & Research:

Eco1st Technology Group is currently in the process of conducting several tests locally and nationally, to demonstrate the efficacy and efficiency of the Separation Enhancer in waste water and oil production applications. We are also, producing a number of bench test videos illustrating the processes of ionization and separation in real time. Once completed, we will make all data and videos available to the public here on the website.

Distributorship/Customer Service:

Eco1st Technology Group has been actively training and developing relationships with Distributors throughout North America, to offer customers comprehensive support. We are also taking inquiries from established companies, with respected reputations, eager to offer customers the ability to become more effective and profitable.

We are proud to be one of the few companies that enables all parties associated with our equipment, to benefit and succeed. If you feel your company is qualified to represent Eco1st and our progressive technology, we welcome your inquires on the Contact Us page.

Eco 1st-Training

September 11, 2014

Welcome to our newly remodeled website!

Welcome, to our newly remodeled website. We are excited to share with you some of our recent developments and achievements; as we have helped our customers overcome several daunting challenges in a number of applications. We hope you find the information provided, informative and beneficial. Please bare with us, as many of the documents, case studies, videos and photos are still in the process of being formatted and or uploaded. If you would like to receive any specific documentation or information in the mean time, please feel free to contact us toll free at (855) 842-5800. We appreciate your interest in the Eco1st Separation Enhancer and we hope you check back with us as the websites becomes fully integrated and operational.

Kind regards,

General Manager,
Ryan Lopes




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